Yoga for Back Pain

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Back pain is most versatile problem seen in almost all people of any age. The problem has aggravated due to dietary imbalance and sitting in the fixed position for long period of time .this problem can be easily cured by proper practice of yoga and diet management as it is essentially a lifestyle problem. Altering our lifestyle can easily alleviate the problem.

Our team has cured many such problems considered.

Following asanas are considered important for back pain :

  1. Tad asana
  2. Triyak- tad asana
  3. Kati- chakrasana
  4. Pawan muktasana ( set of 25 asana)
  5. Surya namaskar
  6. Naukasana
  7. Supta vajra asana
  8. Ustrasana
  9. Sarvangasana
  10. Halasana
  11. Chakrasana
  12. Paschimottasana
  13. Matasyasana

Pranayama for back pain

  1. Nadi shodhan
  2. Kapala bhati
  3. Bhastrika

Proper postures are also very important aspect with backbone straight and provide support to shoulders especially while working on computer.

(These asanas are for indicatory purpose. actual asanas have to be modulated according to the individuals needs)

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