Therapy Yoga Classes in Noida In Sector 37, 30 and 29

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Are you suffering from some chronic health issue like Back Pain, Diabetes, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Knee pain etc ? And you are searching for the yoga classes in Noida? Then you have come to the best place. Yoga can help you in dealing with this problem. Yoga effects your entire endocrine system and helps in balancing your entire hormonal imbalance.

How therapy yoga is different from usual yoga?

Therapy yoga class in noida

Therapy yoga deals with your specialized problem. For eg, If you are suffering from back pain then therapy yoga will help in healing the problem with specialized asanas. If you are back pain is mainly due to slip disc then the therapy yoga will recommend to practice specialized back bending asanas. On the other hand if you are suffering from back pain due to listhesis then there is need to practice specialized front bending asanas.

These things will be dealt in therapy yoga and not other yoga like power yoga and iyenger yoga. Practicing these vigorous form of yoga can lead to side-effect instead of improving the condition. So be aware of forms of yoga an institute is providing before joining the class.

Pranava Yoga is one of the best Therapy Yoga class in Noida

Pranava Yoga has all the faculty from Bihar School of Yoga which is specialized in Therapy Yoga. So you can rest assure that you will be getting the best in the field of Yoga.

But this cannot be said about other yoga class in Noida which are mostly run on the sole basis of power yoga and also not trained in specialized health problems. We have seen many of the people coming from other yoga classes who had side-effects due to practicing non specialized yoga. Most of these yoga forms are tuned for young people who want to practice very fast form of yoga which are mostly related to gym.

So head over to our yoga class in Noida Sector 37 to have personal consultation. Also you can visit our Therapy Yoga Section to get tips on your specialized problems.

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