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The modern world of consumerism and readymade food, people are eating all sort of processed foods which are made up of various chemicals. Moreover, even the vegetables and fruits what the people are having, are also full of pesticides and insecticides which are non- biodegradable chemicals which are not destroyed and goes into our delicate digestive system.

Apart from this, the daily routine of the modern lifestyle has become totally against the nature. As result, 95% of people in the modern era suffer from constipation. This constipation, the mother of all diseases also increases the toxins in the human body.

Hence, the practice of hath yoga has proved out to be a boon for human kind.

The hath yoga detoxification usually has following parts:-

  • Neti (nasal cleaning)
  • Dhauti (upper digestive tract cleaning)
  • Basti (lower portion cleaning)
  • Tratak (Third Eye practice)
  • Kapalbhati
  • Kunjal (Upper digestive tract cleaning
  • Sankh prakshalana (Colon Cleaning)

These practices can help in totally cleaning the digestive system hence giving the healthy body.

Our team has specialized on conducting these advanced practices which can provide elixir to the mankind

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