Pregnancy Yoga | Pre Natal and Post Natal

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Pregnancy is the phase in any women’s life which is the unique experience of mother hood. However it is also a very critical phase as regular subtle exercise is needed for mother for having healthy delivery.

Our package for pregnancy includes light exercise which helps in toning the muscles as well as relaxing the mind of the mother. The mental peace of the mother is automatically provide the child good samskaras

Moreover, our yoga has been proved quite success in dealing with the post pregnancy complication like hormonal imbalance, stretch marks, losing weight e.t.c

Some of yoga which is helpful is:-


Triyak – tadasana

Kati chakrasana

Pawanmuktasana part 1

Pawanmuktasana part2

Yoga Nidra

Jal Neti

(These asanas are for indicatory purposes. Actual asanas have to be modulated according to the individuals needs)

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