Power Yoga for Weight Loss

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Power yoga is a form of yoga that is derived from surya namaskar. It involves doing a series of asanas ranging from easy to advanced poses in a flow and without taking break. This form of yoga for weight loss stresses more on stamina and flexibility. The result is that after a workout of 40 minutes, you will drenched with sweat. This gives even better workout from aerobics, gym and zumba.

The asanas includes powerful twisting poses, squatting poses, quad poses, plank and reverse plank, stretching, splits and crunches.

The end result is that you lose weight very quickly with the appropriate diet plan as given by the teacher. This brings your body in shape and also helps in toning your muscles and increasing flexibility.

40 minutes session followed with relaxation gives a complete relaxation to body and mind and prepares you for the day ahead.

Yoga for Weight Loss in Noida

Yoga for Weight Loss in Noida

Weight loss has been mystery since a long time. People have been running after crash courses and slimming centers who promise instant […]

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