Complete Diet Plan for Diabetes

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Are you suffering from the diabetes and and your in need of complete diet for diabetes plan.Then look  no further.We have organised a compete diet plan for diabetes which will take care of your whole day from Morning to Night. Follow these tips and and live a healthy life without any tension of sugar.

We are following the same diet plan in our centers and also prescribed to all the diabetes patients.Follow this diligently and see the wonders.

Diet plan for diabetes


Soak methi seed in water fortnight

  • 200ml methi soaked water with lemon juice, warm the juice little bit
  • Make the sporut of left methi seeds along with moong, moth, Masur, chana(gram), peas(mutter)



After getting fresh, practice some yogasanas and also pranayam along with walking.For more details on asanas to be practices look here.


  • Then take 15 leaves of neem or 6 leaves of sarabhar or 10 – 12 leaves of billa or 15 –  20 leaves of Tulsi i.e basil leaves
  • Now,  take a glass of butter milk (Mattha).

After 2 and half hours, take a glass of kerala juice (Bitter gourd juice).

Then, take the sprout of moong, moth Masur, Chana (gram),  peas (mutter)which was prepared earlier,  also take 5-6 pieces of garlic.

You can also take light breakfast of popcorn, ground nuts, Poha.



Prepare  special flour of the following :-

  • Jowar
  • Chana
  • Wheat
  • Moth
  • Masur
  • Rajma
  • Bajara
  • Soybeans
  • Arahar
  • Pulthi
  • Mutter
  • Urad
  • Lobia
  • Gwar

In equal quantity, make flour and make rotis( chapati).
This specially made flour has high Fibre content which stop glucose absorption in small intestine.

Along with it you can take boiled veggies, salad, curd, sporuts.

Spourt methi should always be taken 10 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Evening snacks

Make powder of seeds of jamun fruit,  and take 1 and half spoon of above prepared powder with one glass of buttermilk along with it fruits which having less fructose and sour like taste Like papaya, jamun, guava, strawberry, aloobhukara,  along with it soup made up of turnip, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes.


At night take dinner of spout along with roti made up of special flour as described above with veggies like turnip,  kunduru,  spinach,  lauki and cucumbers

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