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Shatkarmas | The Yogic Detox

The modern world of consumerism and readymade food, people are eating all sort of processed foods which are made up of various chemicals. Moreover, even the vegetables and fruits what the people are having, are also full of pesticides and insecticides which are non- biodegradable chemicals which are not destroyed […]

Yoga for heart and High BP

High Blood pressure and heart diseases are now becoming very common.Due to sedentary lifestyle and higher intake of food rich in fats and cholesterol, its now being seen seen even in relatively younger people. These diseases are often called as Lifestyle diseases and can be cured only by changing your […]

Yoga for Diabetes

For list of yoga for diabetes : Click here From the biological point of view diabetes is essentially a disease related to digestive system where the pancreas in the body is unable to produce its secretion caled as insulin.Insulin is the hormone which is responsible for metabolism of glucose in […]