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Hi! ❤️ Today, I’m sharing something about yoga Mudras to cure diseases. These mudra in Yoga is an important part of daily practice. If you do these Mudras ( hand gestures) with combo of Pranayama and Asana then it will work far more times. The yoga practice with mudra and asanas will do wonders to your health.

What is Mudra?

Mudra is certain position or attitude which represents the psyche like slightly pressing fingertips against each other in specific manner resulting in pranic and psychic healing of self.

History of Mudras

Ancient sources of Mudras can be found in our sanskrit texts dated back thousands of years ago. Primarily, it can traced back to Indus – Saraswati Civilisation. The foremost ancient text dealing with this subject ( and other hatha yogic practices too) is Gheranda Samhita, written by Rishi Gherand.

According to Ayurveda, our body is made up of 5 elements called ‘Panch-Maha-bhutas‘. Those are Earth, Water, Wind, Space / Vaccum.
There should be balance among them in our body, otherwise it will affect our mental, physical and spiritual health. Hence, practice of yoga Mudra along with  asana to cure diseases will be helpful to you in many ways.

Infact, our health lies at our fingertips…!

To understand this, I’m mentioning element – finger relationship chart :

Thumb – Fire element
Index finger- Wind element
Middle finger – Space / Vaccum element
Third finger – Earth element
Small finger – Water element

So, by pressing respective fingertips, you can balance the elements in your body.


1. Choose a silent place. A place away from distraction and unnecessary noise.
2. Sit in comfy position with loose fitting clothes and minimum accessories.
3. Remove all the hand accessories like watches, rings, bracelets etc.
4. Nails should be trimmed in that length atleast so that fingers can be well pressed with any problem.
5. Close your eyes and mouth.
6. Keep your neck, head and spine in straight alignment.
7. Concentrate on your breathing. Relax your body and mind.
8. Imagine, all your burden and negativites in the form of black aura being thrown out of the body when you exhale.
Now, feel the bright & vibrant energy filling into your body when you inhale.

Let’s start practicing Mudras now :

1. Gyaanmudra / Knowledge Mudra

Touch your tip of thumb with tip of index finger and press slightly as shown in image.
Keep all other fingers straight.
( This Mudra combine fire and wind elements as thumb signifies fire and index signifies wind)

Duration :
There is no time limit and you can practice it according to your time.

Benefits :
– amplify brain power and concentration.
– best for patients suffering from psychological disorders.

2. Chinmudra / Mudra of Consciousness

It is same as gyaanmudra only difference is that palm should be upwards.

Duration : no time limit.

Benefits : Very beneficial Mudra for students.
Set you free from all the tensions.

This yoga mudra to cure diseases even mental problems and PTSD ( Post traumatic Stress disorder ).

3. Surya Mudra / Sun Mudra

Process : Press the tip of ring finger on the base of thumb
Put the tip of thumb on the bent ring finger.
All another fingers should be straight.

Duration : practice it 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.
For best results, practice daily.

Benefits :
– Relives in high cholesterol.
– Helps food to digest it properly and fastly. ( ignite the jatha-raagini)
– Alleviate diabetes.
– Keep checked your weight and waist size.

Limitations :
People who are under – weighted or weak or feel low on energy should not practise this Mudra. And don’t practice this Mudra in hot summers.

4.Vaayumudra / Wind Mudra

Process :
Touch your tip of small finger with tip of thumb.
Press it slightly and keep other fingers straight.
(Here, we are combining fire element and water element).

Duration :

practice it only if you are suffering from ailments given below. And practice only for 15 to 20 minutes.

Benefits :
– Minimize any type of swelling in intestine.
– works miraculously for skin disease.
– useful for diarrhoea and other abominable related issues.

5. Praanamudra / Life Mudra

Process :
Touch the tips of these these 3 fingers :
Ring finger, small finger, thumb.
Keep all other finger straight as shown.

Duration :
No time limit and it will provide maximum benefits when you will practice it after lunch and dinner for 10 minutes.

Benefits :
-It revives praana- shakti. And hence, increase immune power of the body.
-Cures insomnia ( trouble in sleeping)
-Effective in digestion. Hence, it should be carry out after dinner or lunch with vajraasana.
– According to recent studies, it is also helpful for AIDS and Cancer patients.
– Doing this Mudra regularly, increases vital life force which cures all psychological and physical problems.

6. Aakashmudra / Sky Mudra

Process :
Touch your tip of middle finger with tip of thumb. Press it slightly and keep other fingers straight.

Duration :
You can perform this at any time.

Benefits :
-It strengthens bone tissue and bone marrow. Nourishes skeletal tissues and cartilages.
-Works superb with condition called – ” locked jaw”
-Very beneficial for people with heart malady and bone related disorders.

Note :
For heart illness patients, it is advisable to perform Aakashmudra followed by Apanavayumudra.

7. Apaanvaayumudra

Process: Touch the tips of mid finger and ring finger with thumb
Now, put the index finger below and touch the base of your thumb.
Press it. And keep the small finger straight.

Duration :
People having heart related ailments should practice this Mudra minimum 45 minutes per day.

Others who are suffering from other problems that are stated below can also practice this.

Benefits :
– Effective for people with hypertension ( high B. P) and Asthma
– Also rehabilitate Migrane
– If you feel tired after climbing stairs, then do this Mudra before climbing for 6-8 minutes, you will se transformation!
– This Mudra is the First aid in heart attack.
– In case of sudden heart attack, person can perform this Mudra until medical help arrives.

8.Prithvimudra / Earth Mudra

Touch the tip of ring finger with tip of thumb.
Press it slightly and keep straight all other fingers.

Duration :
30 to 35 minutes is enough.

-Decrease the physical weakness
-Advantageous to put on your weight.
-Keep you refreshing and elevate your mood.

– Also, it improve digestion.

9.Rukshaamudra / Dry mudra


Touch the base of your thumb with the tip of tiny finger
Press the thumb on bent finger slightly
Keep all other fingers straight.

Duration :
No time limit.

There is no specific uses of this Mudra but it is found that if you want to go to pee but if it’s not possible then by performing this Mudra, bladder pressure will get reduce and you can hold it a bit longer.

These yoga mudra to cure diseases will surely help you! ❤️

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