10 Amazing Cures of ORANGES

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Today we will discuss the most common fruit found in the whole world. Yes you guessed it right. It is ORANGES!!!

Oranges are so popular that it has left a legacy of color called orange after it. So let’s see what those good old oranges can do for us. Oranges are more than just a simple delicious fruit instead it is more of a medicinal fruit. Since childhood I have seen doctors recommending orange juice to person suffering from disease and admitted to hospital. Orange have extra ordinary power to heal.

Let’s have a look on 1 cup of orange juice.



You can see the juice is rich in vitamin A and especially in Vitamin C.

1.Oranges for Stamina and strength

Oranges help in increasing the metabolic activity in body and helps in increasing strength and stamina.

2.Cardiac Problems

Now a days, more and more people are suffering by heart diseases like heart attack, cardiac arrest etc. This is due to change in lifestyle of people. With increase of stress in life and culture of junk food, the disease is spreading its tentacles. According to WHO, the largest number of people in world succumb due to heart disease. So heart disease is the largest killer in world. So beware and start drinking orange juice. Orange juice helps in reducing heart problems especially when mixed with honey.

3.Hypertension and High Blood Pressure.

Eating 2 oranges in a day is very helpful for curing high BP. This happens because oranges dilates the blood vessels and hence decreases the Blood Pressure. Moreover it balances the sodium ion in body which has the primary role in controlling blood pressure.

4.Peptic Ulcer

This is characterized by excessive secretion of gastric juices in stomach which results in formation of ulcers in the stomach and proves fatal for the digestion system. Taking oranges helps in soothing the problem of Ulcer as it has anti-oxidant properties and helps in neutralizing the excessive gastric juices.


Oranges are like boon for the stomach and if the digestion of stomach is proper it well have positive outcomes for the whole body. Indigestion often happens when a person eats too much or eating untimely. It leads to feeling of nausea, vomiting, heart burn and acidity. Taking orange with rock salt helps in soothing the problem.

6.Nephritis and Kidney Problems like renal stone

Oranges are good for people suffering from these diseases as it helps in balancing Potassium in the body and helps in proper absorption of water in the kidney.

Common cold and cough

It is the most common ailment and oranges are the oldest cure. Since it is rich in Vitamin C, taking a glass of orange juice helps in relieving the problem of cough and cold and increases the immunity of the body.

7.Arthritis and Gout

Oranges are rich in Vitamin A and helps in relieving the pain of arthritis. Mostly orange juice must be taken early in the morning in empty stomach to get maximum benefit.


It is one of the most prevalent disease and oranges can do wonder in healing the problem of constipation. Orange helps in digestion of food and also has high amount of roughage in it and this helps in expulsion of stool. Eat oranges (not juice) early in the morning or 15 minutes before taking food.

9.Acne Problems

Orange peel which is dried in sun and then powdered mixed with neem leaves can effectively heal acne problems. This has been tried by many people and has given very good results.

10.Good for vision and skin

Since oranges have lot of Vitamin A and C it is very helpful in curing low vision and skin problems.

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