5 simple do’s and 5 don’ts for acne treatment !

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Acne treatment at home

Do you ever find yourself feeling embarrassed when you get up and find those deadly pimples stealing on your face? You must have used variety of creams and lotions for getting rid of those acnes. You can follow these simple steps for acne treatment.But firstly have you ever thought what is the reason for those acnes.?

Actually acnes are the symptoms which your body is showing that all is not well with the hormonal system of the body. More than 80 % acnes are caused in the teens who are undergoing through hormonal imbalance. Also pregnant women and women who are taking contraception are also prone to acnes.

Acnes are the result of excessive secretion of oil called as sebum from your oil glands. These excessive secretion of oil along with accumulation of dead cells results in providing apt conditions for bacteria. These bacterial infection cause those hated white and dark heads!

So lets run up and see what are the does and don’ts for acne treatment.


1. Go for healthy lifestyle which includes yoga instead of using chemical based medicine. Use of allopathic medicine does provide immediate relief but doesn’t treat the root problem which is inside body. More about the yoga for acne treatment is here.

2. Have fruits rich in vitamin A, C and D like carrots, lemon and food rich in zinc to balance the hormones.

3. Try to have regular bowel movements. Having clean bowel will help in keeping the digestion system intact.

4. Keep your stress level down. Recent researches have shown that stress can further aggravate the problem of acne. There is absolutely no use frowning over those acnes.

5. Drink a lot of water at least 5-6 glasses of water everyday.


1. Never touch or press the affected areas with hand or any object

2. Never have oily and greasy food with lot of spices. Take light food which is rich in vitamin. Avoid pickles at all cost. More info about the home receipes for acne is available here.

3. Avoid sunlight as much as possible. Sunlight has ultra violet component which can increase the irritation due to acne.

4. Never scrub the area or use hard detergent based soaps. But you have to wash your affected areas with water at least twice a day. You can also use light face wash the area. You can use ayurvedic face wash of Himalaya or Patanjali.

Also use face swipes regularly throughout day to remove accumulated oil on face.

5. Never use a make up which is grease based. Using a greasy make up will stimulate the oil glands and worsen the acne problem. Also remove your make up before going to bed. Instead use water based make up. For this look for terms like comedogenic or water based in your creams

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