5 Misconceptions about Yoga

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What is YogaPresently times due to so much of commercialization of Yoga there has been mushrooming of so many yoga forms like Bikram Yoga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Shilpa Shetty Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Laughing Yoga etc etc. But these are the yoga which have been taken from the ancient texts of yoga and have been commercialized in the name of Brand. This is not to reject such yoga forms but essentially they all are the modulated forms of ancient yoga.

These are some of the top misconceptions about yoga in the minds of people.

1.Yoga is not acrobatics

Making your body break and trying to make impossible poses.Though the difficult poses have their importance in yoga but they are to be practiced with concentration on a particular chakra.Hence they were not showing off the flexibility but getting beyond the body by circulating the primeval energy-kundalini in the body.


2.Yoga is not competition-

Some people try to compare themselves with other people while practicing yoga.But each body is unique in its own sense, hence comparing is futile.Comparing with others is often related the “EGO” in mind.Hence when we compare we strengthens the EGO.But aim of yoga is to surpass and eventually dissolve the EGO.

So we must be aware of this human mind tendency of comparing.

Remember always-Don`t see others but look yourself.


3.Yoga is not aerobics

A few people consider yoga is like aerobics and some random poses and stretches. On the surface many of the poses of yoga are like aerobics but when we go deeper we find the aim of yoga is not limited only physical body but it goes to mental as well as causal body.Hence the aim of yoga is spiritual.Moreover yoga means practice with full awareness of body.This creates a step towards looking our mind inward.


4.Yoga is not only for curing diseases:

Many people have got to understand yoga as mere an instrument to get healing out of diseases.No doubt yoga is an excellent choice of getting relief from chronic problems as it is without any side-effect and cheap as well as it rejuvenates the body not only physically but also mentally.However its not the only goal of yoga.In fact yoga is the medium to connect one self with ones true nature and to feel the impermanence of ones existence which is beyond the scope of physical body.Getting cured of disease is only the the by-product of practicing Yoga.


5. Yoga is not related to any religion

Many times we hear some religion godmen prohibiting their people not to practice yoga because it is related to Hinduism. Though yoga does traces its back to present form of Hinduism but the fact is that Yoga texts doesn’t talk about your personal belief.It talks about mind and body and how to make it pure. If maind and body is pure and healthy it will always be attracted to divinity whether it is God, Allah or Bhagwan.

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