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Meditation is the practice of connecting with “oneself”. Human beings have been since time immemorial in pursuit for perfect happiness and joy.However humans have always been in searching of this happiness in the world.Sometimes the human mind searches for happiness in money ,sometimes in name and fame and sometimes in social relations.

However the real source of happiness is inside itself, just like the kasturi deer which roams around in jungle in search of the perfume.But it is unknown to the fact that the perfume is inside itself.

Meditation is the tool to connect oneself to this eternal source of happiness.It gives the key to unlock the ultimate source of divinity within us.

Apart from this, meditation has also been clinically proved to give relief in psycho-somatic diseases like depression, anxiety and excessive stress.It increases the concentration power by calming the distractions of mind.

However meditation like an enigma has also baffled the present humanity as many people are found asking the same question

How to do Meditation ?

Our team has been trained in the reknowned Bihar School of Yoga which has specialized in different meditation practices.We take it as special concern to include meditation into each and every package too, as Yoga believes that most of the disease has its roots in mind.

We have different meditation practices like

  • Yoga Nidra
  • Ajapa-Jap
  • Antar-mauna
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Dharna and Tratak

You can also see our youtube page for our guided meditation.

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